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Wednesday, February 10, 2010 @ 10:02 PM

083 078 Good Evening Pop Culture Cuisiners (or PCC-ers for short). I apologize that this post is getting to you late today, but like many of you I’m sure, life got in the way this week.  That being said, this week I’ve brought you a mouth watering new joint to wet your appetite.  So far we have sampled some tantalizing BBQ, some not so tantalizing BBQ, and fully loaded sandwiches.  What could be next you ask?  Well only something truly American…Hamburgers!  Now these ain’t yo mamma’s regular ol’ hamburger. These be Twisted Root hamburgers, and believe you me….they are TWISTED! (but in a good way ;))

Lucky for us, we did not have to travel too far this time (we happen to live right down the street).  This radical burger establishment was started by a couple of guys who ventured into the culinary world after getting fed up with the corporate day to day drone of their jobs; and it is easy to see where their true passions lie.  The original location is located in the unique warehouse section of Dallas known as “Deep Ellum,” a trendy and hip location perfect for a new take on the classic burger joint.  Last year they opened a location literally within spitting distance of Adam’s office in Richardson; and needless to say, we knew it wouldn’t be too long before he wandered over. 🙂 Not long after, he was insistent that I try it too.

As I mentioned, these are no ordinary burgers. Twisted Root Burger Co. boasts the freshest ingredients, no gross frozen patties, and everything is made from scratch… EVERYTHING!  Very Texas of them, there patties are a unique blend of chuck and brisket, which together combine into one juicy 1/2 lb. patty.  That alone might be something to write home about, but they don’t stop there. Remember, this place is “TWISTED” when it comes to their approach to burgers. They also serve buffalo, ostrich, turkey, gator, venison, and other wild game burgers that might be in season (including combinations of each).

Before they moved in across from Adam’s office, we first saw them featured on an episode of Food Network’s Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives, shown below:

“Diner’s, Drive-Ins, and Dives” [Video].  (2009).  Retrieved February 10, 2010, from

After watching that, our mouths were watering and we knew a visit was in our future.  Of course, Adam didn’t wait long (and not for me of course…ASS! :)) before venturing over there one afternoon for lunch. Unfortunately, although he kept talking about his lunches there, it took me several months to make a visit (I tell myself that I was waiting for that “perfect” opportunity…hahaha).

Well, that “perfect opportunity” came after my graduation ceremony. I had a craving for meat, and Adam suggested we go there.  Finally free of school (and no job prospects ahead L), why not?  Bring on the gloriousness!

Since this was not Adam’s first rodeo with Twisted Root, he had been able to try some of their fun creations, such as the venison burger.  Naturally being the adventuresome foodie that I am, I was all set to give one of these daring meat creations a try. However, much to my dismay, they were all out!  (They do mention that some selections are subject to season & availability).  Not to be easily discouraged, though, I went with something I knew I would love…buffalo; but not just any ol’ buffalo burger — the buffalo cheeseburger with avocado…mmm!  Adam got one of their signature hamburgers with blue cheese and onion straws (which I may or may not have snuck a few of ;)).


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When I said before that they boast “all made from scratch,” they are not kidding.  Besides the burgers and other sandwiches, they EVEN make their own signature root beer (which Adam LOVES), ketchup, mustard, bbq sauce, and wait for it…PICKLES!  Now I‘ve said it before and I’ll say it again…I LOVE PICKLES; and if you are making your own, you know I am going to judge, because I have tried them all!  They serve 3 kinds: regular, bourbon bread & butter, & spicy. Being that I’m a spice wuss, I tried the other two; and these were perfect. They were large thick slices, crunchy, and not over the top on the flavor; like I said…perfect.  Also, they added a really nice complement to my burger as well as for munching on the side.

Their root beer is also very interesting in that it has hint of ginger (and Adam thinks cinnamon). Adam really likes it, but I was not a huge fan. To each their own.

This burger was nothing short of scrumptious; and with the high quantity of burger places around town, it is often hard to impress me beyond your average burger.  Twisted Root’s, however, are juicy, flavorful, and have a perfect ratio of bun to meat to cheese (I hate it when you get a burger and it’s some flat-thin patty on a huge thick bun).  Of course, they have fries and other side items (sweet potato chips, onion straws, etc.), but we were heading to a party later than evening, so we just stuck to the burgers.  This ended up being a good choice, regardless, since we both only made it through half our burgers seeing as they do not skimp on the beef…or bison in this case :).

The restaurant itself has a very fun and open atmosphere with a fun décor that is highlighted by hundreds of funny bumper-stickers; and the corrugated steel mixed with the brick and wood gives a more urban flair.  As for the service, there really is none. You order at the counter from a large chalkboard when you arrive, and they call you to pick up your order when it’s ready. One cool thing to note, though; everyone is given a card with a famous pop-culture figure’s name printed on it and that is how you are called over the loud speaker. It’s really fun; and the staff really gets into it…very funny. Adam was “MC Hammer” and I was “Yosemite Sam.” 🙂

Finally, a note of forewarning. Be prepared to spend a little extra dough when you visit. This is not McDonald’s or your standard burger cafe for that matter, so with their great taste and quality, comes great expense.  This is not to say that their prices are “Disney World” exorbitant, just don’t expect to find a dollar menu.  In all, Twisted Rood Burger Co. was a great experience and one I definitely want to have again…soon!  Aside from the cost, their signature burgers taste excellent and the fun atmosphere invites you back.  Therefore, I give Twisted Root 4 Little Piggies!

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