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Sunday, April 27, 2014 @ 06:04 PM

RESTAURANT: 12 South Taproom & Grill (Nashville, TN)



12 South Taproom was one of Zane Landry’s Music City stops on his pub crawl style show, “Drinking Made Easy.” 

Located in the heart of 12 South District in Nashville, The Taproom has been a great neighborhood hang for lots of

good beer since 2006.



SIGNATURE DISH:  Well…although they do serve food, in their own words, they are a beer bar by proclamation.  12

South is a craft brew drinker’s paradise, only allowing local, craft, and micro brews on tap (NO MACRO-BREWERIES




TASTE:  It’s beer….so it’s good!  I’m not a big beer snob so I don’t know a lot of craft beers, so I needed a little bit of

help from my local guide to settle on a good beer.  But once I did, it was cold and…wait…give me a minute…I need

to go get a beer from the fridge!




AMBIANCE:  The place is nothing fancy.  The neighborhood it’s in is starting to build up and get a little trendy which

makes 12 South Taproom stand out because it is far from fancy.  It’s simply a good bar where you can get a cold

beer.  Think opposite of pretentious…minus the whole ‘only craft brew’ think. 😉



SERVICE:  I’ve been to 12 South a few times and have never had bad service, either up at the bar or from a server. 

The only thing I would note is this is a neighborhood place where most of the people who go there know what they

want or know the local beers.  So if you are not up on your craft beer…you may have some trouble.



PRICE:  As little as $5.00 for a draft beer which for a major city like Nashville is a plus.


I like the 12 South Taproom.  It’s one of my preferred places to visit and get a drink when I’m in Nashville.  I know

the local beer I prefer and they have it cold and on tap.  Quite often there are local bands too, which is always a

bonus.  So next time you’re in the Music City, you should visit and tell them that PCC gave them a 4 ‘Little Piggy’




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