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With the popularization of TV shows that focus on food (i.e., Food Network, Travel Channel, and other cable programming), it is hard to dispute that the topic of food has become a common pop culture fodder for the masses.  The discussion of food tends to bring people together, as most people enjoy the topic, and it is a great way to associate lasting memories.

In fact, for as long as I can think back, the topic of food has been a central figure in the story of my life.  Admittedly, this has not always been that of a welcome or “healthy” character, but hey…what woman can tell a different story? 😉.  It is true that over the years I’ve had my struggles with the foods I put into my “perfect” body and the issues associated with eating.  However, this blog is not meant to highlight those struggles, rather it is meant to show how a fascination with food can be a vehicle to a lifestyle adventure, and most importantly how you can find freedom from a lifetime of eating issues when experiencing food the way food icons do!

Now, this is not to say that I advocate gorging oneself during every meal…absolutely not!  On the contrary, I’m a big believer in eating very balanced meals in moderate portions and try to prepare meals for my husband and me that meet this standard.  I also, attempt to avoid mindless snacking whenever I can and even avoid almost any foods that are highly processed or contain high amounts of complex sugars.  However, perhaps most central to the theme of this blog is that I’ve learned it is still possible to stay healthy in both mind and body even when we stray from these eating guidelines and indulge even our most decadent cravings.  The key is to do so in moderation.  That way, one excessive meal or that Dairy Queen mint-Oreo “blizzard” we MUST have on random summer evenings becomes the very thing we need to keep us feeling human.

All that said, what is this ‘lifestyle adventure’ I’m experiencing; and what do I have to say about this journey that is not your average food blog that chronicles each and every meal I eat?  Simple, it is my experiences with Pop Culture Cuisine…the foods, restaurants and dishes that have become a national craze through their popularization in television, magazines, and celebrity chef cook books.  Like many of you, this is a hot topic of interest and conversation in our household; and, also like many of you, we have begun to experience what we read and see firsthand.  Thus, Pop Culture Cuisine was born.

Pop Culture Cuisine is the representation of my mission, albeit a very welcome & tasty one, to visit the now famous eateries showcased on some of our favorite food television shows, the internet and magazines, and in addition, attempt to recreate various dishes that celebrity cooks prepare on their daily programs and/or from their best selling cookbooks.  I write about these experiences from the perspective of the normal everyday person, and not that of a professional in the food industry.  This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t trust what the host or writer has to say, but sometimes it’s nice to get the truth without the hype, and that’s what I intend to do…good or bad.

Ultimately, the goal of this blog is for you to be enlightened about great restaurants and recipes from around the country and from our most celebrated food icons.  Of course, in the end I invite you to experience this all for yourself, in hopes that you too can experience a lifestyle adventure!  Let’s Eat!!!

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